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Thanks so much to Doug for his speedy response and excellent footage. Within 24 hours, he had come to our location and shot what we needed. He is super timely on communicating and got me the finished product in just two days. Two big thumbs up!

Ellen Fisher

Doug provided excellent customer service and a premium product. Despite some difficulties with weather and equipment, Doug was more than willing to do whatever it took to capture our vision of the property, including coming back out a second time to make sure we had all of the shots that we needed. He was very patient with us and took time to make sure he provided us with quality shots. In addition, Doug was extremely flexible with scheduling and prompt when we needed some work done on short notice. I would highly recommend Doug and look forward to hiring him again in the future!

Casey Brown

Doug delivered an awesome video for me! Exactly what I was looking for. Communication was great and the flexibility of timing was also great. The job-site provided some difficulty with giving us access to shoot, but ultimately we were able to find a solution. I would highly recommend Doug.

Anthony Vlahovic

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